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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Feeling Sick Chicken Soup

Woke up feeling mediocre, dry cough which i thought it was allergy, turn into cough with some mucous and body pain... i try to scream for my Mom but she's six thousand miles away in Brasil... The husband is taking care of the "full on energy" 4 year old...
I'm in need of soup. I look in my fridge and i have 2 small carrots, lots of celery, a few leftover pieces of broccoli, 1 potato, a onion and a can of corn in the pantry... Oh yeah, a bag in the freezer with 3 chicken breasts in it... I need this soup to heal the pain in my throat from the cough and to help my body heal as quick as possible so i can get back to normal life...
Thats when my pressure cooker comes to good use again (twice in 1 week).

3 chicken breasts cut into chunks 
1 large onion cut into large chunks
a few carrots chopped
some celery chopped
broccoli ( i had about 5 florets)
1 large potato cut into large chunks
1 can of yellow corn
salt and pepper to taste
Fresh chopped parsley

Place the pieces of chicken in the pressure cooker and add about 5 cups of water to it. Let it come to a boil without the top on it. Skim off the fat that comes to the surface with a spoon, discard it. Add the onions to it and close the pressure cooker, after the pressure comes on let it cook for 12 minutes.

 Let the pot sit aside until all pressure is released or place the pot carefully under cold water for a faster release of the pressure. Add the rest of the veggies to it and salt and pepper to taste. Put the top back on and place it back on the heat. Cook for 15 minutes after the pressure comes on. Add parsley and serve it hot.

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