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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Received the Liebster Blog Award!

In the past few weeks a few of my foodie friends and amazing bloggers have given me The Liebster Blog Award! And those amazing friends were Ally with Ally's Kitchen , Donika with Mom!What's for dinner , Carrie with Carrie's Experimental Kitchen and Debi with Recipe For My Boys . I want to thank all these wonderful ladies, and tell them that deep in my heart i wish we lived in the same neighborhood and could hang out together every night, enjoying our friendship, good food and good wine! But that's a dream... and sometimes dreams do come true!!! And right after i finished publishing this i received another one from Bobbi with Bobbis Kozy Kitchen and had to come back and edit my post and add this award from this amazing lady!!!xoxo
  In German  means......Liebster (n.) beloveddeardearestlove!
So with this award there are some rules... Thanking who gave you the award is a plus! And then awarding 5 blogs i love! Now that's really hard to do, since i love so many!

Here we go:

Mia from Mia's Domain, because she inspires me every day with her amazing pictures and simple gourmet recipes.
Isabelle from Isabelle at Home, because she's funny, and has great recipes, and loves to run, and more than anything loves wine like me.
Heather from Curly Girl Kitchen, because every time i think of something i wanna make, she's done the same, and we both have curly hair!!!
Hillary from Baking Bad, because she's a new foodie that i love following and love her site.
Ann from Sumptuous Spoonfuls, because we think alike, we could hang out in a kitchen all day and knowing what the menu would be, there would be no problems!
 Thanks again to all the wonderful ladies that have given me this award! And for the ones receiving please pay it forward!
Love you all!!!!
Bia Rich


  1. Hehehehe you have another one my dear :)

  2. And i just went back and edited my dear friend!!!!Thank you!!!! xoxo

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